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About Us

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Our Vision

Most businesses that fail do so because they lack a plan.  Your business will be stronger when it has a solid, firm foundation.  That foundation is a clear, concise plan to deliver a product or service that a customer needs or wants.  It’s our vision to challenge the assumptions we’ve made as business owners and build a plan that is based upon facts, through research and development.  We want to help and see businesses succeed.

Our Business

We specialize in assisting businesses develop comprehensive strategies that equip them for success.  Lightstone Systems, Inc. has programs to evaluate and report on 14 major aspects of business operations to identify improvement opportunities.  Over 185 programs have been created to address and develop business improvements. 

We offer our clients a very different approach.  We provide services to transform your entire enterprise - your strategy, processes, information technology, and people.  In addition, we focus on the realization that changing business processes is necessary to achieve the promised returns from strategy and technology.  This approach enables the delivery of very different results - results clients can build on because we help make organizations more robust and adaptable to future shifts in the business environment. 

Our aim is to develop an effective and mutually beneficial working partnership by providing innovative yet practical approaches to solving your problems.  Our staff succeeds by listening carefully to your needs and offering world-class products, solutions and expertise that delivers results!

We have built our business on proven solutions that deliver exceptional value and results.  Our website solutions are powered by technology from MA WebCenters, a leader in the field. With this partnership, we have over 150 employees as part of our team. The MA WebCenter solutions have been in use for more than 10 years. Our team has developed and implemented solutions for thousands of small businesses and now hosts more than 100,000 websites. The technical and graphic expertise we offer, coupled with superior marketing skills, is the perfect blend needed to make your business more profitable.



Who We Are

Lightstone Systems, Inc., a New York corporation, was founded in February of 2006.  The company’s original mission and purpose was to assist organizations with implementing and managing technologies.  It was soon discovered that businesses not only needed help in finding, selecting, and implementing technologies that make their business run, but the challenges existed in many areas of business processes.  Lightstone Systems, Inc. now offers solutions for virtually all areas of developing business operations.  The company’s management team is led by President & CEO Kevin Stoner.

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